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West Coast Green

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The Event

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What Sets Us Apart

West Coast Green presents the single largest opportunity to see, share, learn and participate in green innovation and design for the built environment.

What sets us apart?

  • Our Unique Focus
    West Coast Green sets the stage for a conversation you won’t find anywhere else: one that encompasses the future of the entire built environment and shows you how you can stay on the evolutionary edge whatever your business might be.
  • Industry Foresight and Acceleration
    Five years running, we continue to launch products and ventures by connecting brilliant ideas with the resources they need to gain traction. We have followed Alan Kay’s advice: “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
  • Relevant, Trusted & Cutting-Edge Curriculum
    The conference program is always unrivaled in its relevancy and potency, because we survey numerous experts in order to build a curriculum that addresses the industry's true goals and needs, never a special interest.
  • Maximized Interactivity
    At every turn of the event, we have organized facilitated networking, idea-sharing and collaborative opportunities.
  • Unprecedented Scale and reach
    West Coast Green is the largest event of its kind. Between the significant number of attendees and large media draw, the event touches approximately 20 million people annually.

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